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Sari Andersen’s songwriting career began in earnest in her late twenties when, as an art student, she was challenged to do something creative in a medium she’d never before attempted. She wrote her first songs and performed them from the state of a Los Angeles club to a stunned audience of friends and strangers, who wondered just where this apparently seasoned singer and songwriter and appeared from. The silken voice, the rhythmic acoustic guitar playing, the charismatic stage presence and lyrical song craft were not an overnight transformation for Andersen. In fact, this daughter of musicians Eric Andersen and Debbie Green was no stranger to the stage. Her father rose to prominence as a gifted songwriter of the 60’s folk era, and many of this songs, such as “Close the Door Lightly Before You Go,” “Violets of Dawn,” and “Thirsty Boots,” became classics. Debbie Green, who was an early member of the Cambridge music scene, played guitar, bass, keyboards, or sang backing vocals on tour or in the studio with artists from Andersen to Hoyt Axton...


Eric & Sari Andersen

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